The Island of Ischia

A miracle of nature!

The Island of Ischia

When we talk of wellbeing, beaches, pine groves, spa centers and the sun, our thoughts are led straight to the island of Ischia, a land which is celebrated for its beauties throughout the world.

The island has always been so beautiful and flourishing that the Greeks, on their travels, searching for new worlds to colonize, decided to stop here. Ischia is so large as to lead one to forget it is an island, in spite of the fact that it is just its status as an island that makes it into a paradise where the rhythm of life is in perfect accord with that of nature which, here, is queen.
Those who have disembarked on Ischia even only once, will carry it always in their hearts, and knitted to their senses there will be all the perfumes of the island: musk and resin, the deep scent of its woods. Salt and seaweed, the electrifying odor of the sea. And the caress of flours which pop up everywhere from spring to autumn, will not just strike your sense of smell!

The colors of the island attach themselves to the soul.

When one strolls in the great green spaces: the countryside, pine groves, mountains and hills, stretches of poppies and cultivated fields. When you lie on one of Ischia’s many beaches, the sea becomes a diamond under the sun, and among white sails and the perfect flight of birds, the horizon a mirage, not far off. Freedom – that is what one breathes on Ischia, as well as the symphony of perfumes that rise from the land and the sea. Apart from the odor of history which has left admirable traces in the old historical centers of the six island communes, buildings, churchyards, courtyards, the Aragonese Castle, the Torre di Guevara, the Colombaia, Villa Arbusto….

Freedom and wellbeing.

The pleasure of being oneself, of abandoning oneself unreservedly to the beauty and the embrace of nature. The wellbeing of a hot and beneficial thermal bath.
Where? Where you will, as you like it, everywhere.

The thermal springs on Ischia number a little over a hundred…