Our Training Courses

Training Courses

Do you operate in health and beauty and do you want to acquire greater knowledge? Do you want to initiate a professional activity in the best possible fashion? Do you want to specialize in an ever expanding sector that guarantees secure employment?

Isola di Ischia Cosmesi Termale has organized specialized training courses in beauty treatment and therapy, in collaboration with the Cerrone Beauty Farm.

The program of services is called Isola di Ischia Academy (Island of Ischia Academy) and is aimed at those who wish to extend their technical knowledge with a view to specialized training which will produce excellence in the health and beauty sector.

The course will proceed with the collaboration of Antonio Cerrone, who has extensive experience both in the practical field – he is a technical consultant and masseur – and in teaching, allied with his considerable know-how in the field of beauty.

In effect, Antonio Cerrone has taken part in the Mediaset program, “Live Better”, as well as being a conference speaker for Nouvelles Estetiques both in Italy and abroad. The aim of the course is to train technicians and professionals in health and beauty. Training ranges from notions of marketing to the latest developments in beauty, like nail reconstruction, and new techniques in massage.

Some of our professional courses

Cupping Massage

“CUPPING MASSAGE”, which has been the revelation of the year, winning awards in Brazil at Nouvelles Esthetiques. A small glass bowl is used, inside which a wad of cotton soaked in alcohol is burned so as to create a vacuum. The vessel draws the skin upwards as would a sucker, thus stimulating the free circulation of blood and energy, dispersing cold and humidity, curing oedemas and eliminating pain. It is excellent for accumulated liquids, cellulite and for firming and slimming treatments.

Chakra Electric Stone

“CHAKRA ELECTRIC STONE” is an exclusive treatment which is extremely enjoyable and relaxing. The use of hot stones combines with any manual technique, making it immediately usable in the institute. The stones used are of basalt origin. The high percentage of magnesium and iron in their composition makes them particularly resistant and dense, able to absorb, hold and release heat in a gradual manner to suit the individual. The heat favours vasodilatation, increases metabolic rate and has important draining, detoxifying and relaxing effects. The novelty is in the combination of seven basalt stones with the seven colours of the Chakra and on these we place copper, thus obtaining a chromo-therapeutic effect for our clients, and furthermore, eliminating corporeal electricity. To complete the massage, we have created excellent scrub stones for body purification. Lastly, we include Carrara formed marble, thus creating a genuine wellbeing treatment (thanks to the marble there is a vasoconstriction effect on the body and this is excellent for cases of fragile capillaries).

Profumi di Ischia

“PERFUMES OF ISCHIA” is a massage which brings together the ancient and the modern, in light, perfume and heat. The knowing hands of a good practitioner, combined with cosmetics and a working methodology, bring to the fore the qualities of psycho-physical and endorphin wellbeing of the massage, reawakening senses which have been made drowsy by daily life and, undoubtedly, also the magical memory of this island which is famous all over the world. This massage exploits techniques of lympho-drainage, combined with connecting body massage and decontraction movements, as well as bio-energetic relaxation. In this fusion of techniques, use is made not just of the hands of the masseur but also of an original form of aid which comes in the use of SHELLS. With the help of our thermal cabin, which accelerates the processes of psycho-physical wellbeing, excellent results are obtained. The treatment concludes with a citrus saline massage for the purification of the body, thermal mud treatments, and massage with lemon-perfumed oils and creams.