The water of Beauty

and of the eternal youth!

The Thermal Waters

There are more than a hundred thermal springs on the Island, each one better than the other.

There is the one in which you bathe for the treatment of rheumatism, the one for skin treatment, that which rejuvenates skin tissue, there are waters which eliminate cellulite, those which heal infections. There is one that fights sterility, and more than one which favors cell renewal, and each and every one of them is the best remedy for forgetting stress and reinforcing the immune system.

Better looking, more serene and healthier with the thermal baths of Ischia.
Why this is possible requires some explanation. Suffice it to think that over the centuries scientific writing dedicated to thermalism has grown exponentially: from Iasolino to De Rivaz, up to our day rivers of ink have been used to catalogue, study, analyze and offer therapeutic indication regarding the thermal waters which are so abundant on the island. With the result that we know absolutely everything about our waters, the muds and the humid grottoes. All this with the consequence, by no means negligible, that the thermal baths of Ischia are famous in all of Europe and also overseas.

So miraculous and beneficial are they that not just scientific writing but also mythology has dealt with the island: legends abound regarding the “divine” nature of the Ischian waters. Nymphs inhabit the Nitrodi spring at Barano. The tears of a love struck satyr are at the origin of the Gurgitiello and Citara is the birthplace of Venus… So the story goes. Yet be careful – the waters of beauty and eternal youth are no fable.

The thermal waters of Ischia have been used since ancient times to soften the skin, to smooth tissue, to make even the most tired hair something to look at in the mirror. Today, the active ingredients from the thermal baths on Ischia are not only usable on the island because Isola di Ischia Cosmesi Termale has “captured” them for you in a series of products and treatments which conserve and exalt all the “magic” of the waters of Ischia.
Isola di Ischia Cosmesi Termale: beauty is served!